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Case dropped:

Our client, a COO in a major company, was accused of sexual harassment by several
female employees. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi and her team exposed the employees’ lies and
the intertwined organizational politics involved, brought the matter to the attention of
the District Attorney’s Office and secured the D.A.’s decision not to file any charges.

“Time served” in a major fraud case:

The firm’s Client was charged in a multi-count indictment with credit card fraud
offenses. The indictment alleged that he and his co-conspirators were responsible for 30
incidents of credit card fraud, purchasing goods valued over 100,000 NIS. Inbal Zeevi
proved that her client was involved in only three incidents, that his role in those
incidents was minor, and the amount involved was significantly lower than charged and
amounted to only a few thousands NIS. This enabled her to secure a plea bargain of
minimal jail time, and her client was instantly released from custody.

No charges filed:

The firm’s Client, a high-tech entrepreneur, was suspected of committing drug offenses
through the Telegram messaging network. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi secured a decision not
to file charges by thoroughly preparing the client for his police interrogation and
negotiating with the investigators throughout the interrogation process.

Not guilty

Our client, a student, was facing expulsion for committing examination fraud. Through
powerful cross-examination, Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi exposed that the professor had no
hard proof of her allegations, and the student was acquitted.

A week in jail instead of 9 years:

The client was accused of defrauding a cell phone insurance company out of hundreds
of thousands of dollars. The People’s initial offer included 9 years in state prison. Re-
analysis of thousands of transactions supported the argument that the real loss amount
was significantly lower, and after wearing down the People, a plea bargain was reached,
with the result that the client spent one week in custody, and another 47 days under
house arrest.*

Charges dropped:

The firm’s client was facing Diversion (“Hesder Mutne”) in an assault case. Inbal
Duchovni Zeevi was adamant that her client was not guilty as he was acting in self-
defense. By presenting exonerating video recordings, together with Supreme Court
precedents, she was able to convince the head of the Pretrial Diversion Division to forgo
the diversion and drop the case altogether.

Murder conviction set aside:

A battered woman was convicted of committing murder. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi was part
of a team who took the case to the Supreme Court, resulting in a decision to set aside
the murder conviction, substituting it with manslaughter. Subsequently her life sentence
was reduced to 12 years with parole.

Securities fraud – no jail time:

The Client, a lawyer, was charged with money laundering and securities fraud. Inbal
Duchovni-Zeevi was part of a team that was able to convince the District Attorney to
drop all money laundering charges and most of the securities fraud charges, resulting in
a sentence of community service and no jail time.

Release from custody:

Our client, an 18-year-old student, was arrested for breaking and entering into several
motor vehicles. At the detention hearing, the police sought to detain him for five days.
Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi exposed that the police had virtually no evidence and secured the
complete release of her client.

Case dropped

The client was suspected of conspiracy, burglary, and possession of stolen property.
Inbal Duchovni Zeevi conducted an independent investigation of the circumstances, the
results of which were presented to the prosecution, and the case was dropped.

No jail time in a manslaughter case

A client who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter failed to comply with her
community service program and was facing jail time. With the help of expert witnesses,
Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi proved that her client suffered from PTSD, presented her client’s
months long efforts in recovery, convinced the court that any incarceration would likely
result in a relapse, and ultimately persuaded the court to reinstate the community
service sentence.*

Release from custody

Despite the police demand to detain her client for five days, as well as the court’s own
finding that there was reasonable suspicion that he indeed broke into motorcycles, Inbal
Duchovni-Zeevi convinced the court to release her client.

Not guilty

The client, a minor, was falsely accused of assault. At trial, a relentless cross
examination of an eyewitness police officer undermined his testimony, and the court
found the defendant not guilty.

Massive credit card fraud conspiracy – lenient verdict

The firm’s client was falsely accused of defrauding dozens of consumers out of sensitive
credit card information and using this information to steal hundreds of thousands NIS.
Inbal Duchonvi-Zeevi proved that another defendant was responsible for the scam and
that her client had a partial and minor part in the events, thus securing a lenient
sentence. The client was released from jail immediately after his verdict was

Charges dismissed

Our client was charged with construction-related offenses. Inbal Zeevi presented
evidence that convinced the prosecution to withdraw all charges.

Multimillion shekel tax evasion case dropped

The client, a cooperation, was under a Tax Authority investigation in suspicion of a
massive sales tax evasion. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi was part of a team that advised the
client’s management during the investigation, navigating it in such a way that resulted in
a decision not to file charges.

Case dismissed

The firm’s client was illegally frisked by police officer, and a knife was discovered. He
was therefore charged with illegal possession of a knife. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi proved
that the search was illegal, argued that the evidence must be suppressed, and exposed
inconsistencies between the statements of the various police officers involved. When
the prosecution realized that their case was weak, they withdrew the complaint, and all
charges were dismissed.

Not guilty – exam fraud

The client, a student, was facing disciplinary charges of examination fraud after a
proctor, who accompanied him, heard a rustling sound from the lavatories and
discovered hidden test materials there. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi took the case to trial and
convinced the tribunal that there was reasonable doubt as to the student’s guilt,
securing a Not Guilty verdict.

Case dismissed

Charges dismissed in a theft case. Two youngsters who attended a street party in Tel-
Aviv were charged with theft after a bag went missing and a security guard pointed a
guilty finger at them. Inbal Zeevi exposed weaknesses in the case, persuading the
prosecution to opt for pretrial diversion (“Hesder Mutne”). All charges were dismissed.


A client who was facing federal charges fled to Mexico. He was caught and arrested in
Mexico, and put in detention awaiting extradition in one of the world’s most notorious
prisons. The client’s health, which was poor to begin with, started to deteriorate. The
goal was to bring him back to California as fast as possible, while securing a lenient
sentence. The goal was accomplished, a lenient sentence was secured, and the client’s
heath restored.*

Restorative justice instead of a criminal proceeding

The firm’s client, a kindergarten teacher, inadvertently caused injury to a child, initially
hiding it from the parents. The case was resolved by a successful restorative justice
process, and no criminal charges were brought.

Charges Dismissed

The client, a businessman, was charged with committing fraud and property crimes.
Inbal Zeevi identified fundamental flaws in the identification process conducted by the
police, supported her position with precedent, and was able to persuade the
prosecution to forgo criminal proceedings and resolve the case with pretrial diversion
(“Hesder Mutne”). The case was resolved with a minor fine and no criminal record.

Charges Dismissed

The client, a physician, was charged with cultivation and possession of marijuana. She
was therefore facing revocation of her medical license. Inbal Zeevi put together a
thorough request to dismiss all charges, based on evidence she collected, legal
arguments regarding the true owner of the plants, and personal circumstances. Inbal
was successful in convincing the prosecution to withdraw all charges, and the doctor
was able to keep her license.

Dismissal of charges

A client was charged with committing a DUI offense. Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi insisted on
cross examining the police officers in a DMV hearing, revealing fundamental weaknesses
in the prosecution’s case. Inbal Zeevi presented the exposed weaknesses to the
prosecution, and all charges were dropped. *


The client, a student, was accused of committing sex offenses and was facing
disciplinary proceedings and expulsion from UCLA. By working with the student and
advising him, Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi secured a not guilty finding by the disciplinary


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