Preparation for Interrogation

Our firm prides itself on our proven ability to effectively prepare our clients for police questioning. We will provide you with the understanding and tools you need, and train you, so that when you enter the interrogation room you will know how to conduct yourself, what to say (or not say) and what to do.  

Your police interrogation is likely to have a critical impact on your case. The decision whether to exercise your right to remain silent or give a statement is crucial and should be taken after consulting with a criminal defense attorney. In Israel even if you state that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent, the police will continue to question you. We will prepare you for this, and other scenarios.

There are other things you must be aware of: means of psychological pressure that may be applied by the police; how to deal with different interrogation techniques; and how to effectively exercise your rights. 

Time permitting, we will train you through mock interrogations.  

If you are detained, we will head down to the police station and advise you there before your interrogation begins. 

When you request a consultation with a lawyer, the police must wait a reasonable period for your lawyer to arrive and advise you. Only then may they begin your questioning. Use this opportunity. It will give you a chance to clear your thoughts, run them by a qualified attorney, and get her or his legal advice. 

If you are arrested – we will do everything in our power to get you out as soon as possible.

If your property is seized – we will work to release it.

Whatever happens, we will always stive to end the matter as quickly as possible with no charges filed.


If there is only one thing you remember, it should be this: Don’t say a thing to the police before you consult with a criminal defense attorney.

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