When a person is arrested, the police may release them from the station. If the police wish to detain the suspect for more than 24 hours, they have to bring him or her to court.

At detention hearings we strive to show that there is no reasonable suspicion and no other legal ground for authorizing any further detention. 

We do so by cross examining the police representative, flushing out flaws and inconsistencies, and presenting case law as well as personal circumstances.

Often, we may provide the court with an alternative to detention such as bail our house arrest. 

  If you are detained, we will strive to:

  • Get you out as soon as possible
  • Convince the police that they have no case against you
  • Prepare you for police questioning so that you don’t end up assisting them in building the case against you.
  • Release your property, if it is seized
  • Find, retain and secure evidence in your favor 
  • End the matter as quickly as possible with no charges brought

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