Within half an hour of calling Inbal, she was at my place, with the police still at my
The police officers were freaking me out and I felt like the world was crumbling down
around me.
I calmed down from the moment I heard Inbal on the phone, and even more when she
arrived at the scene. She accompanied me to the police station and helped me sort out
my thoughts, giving me strength so that I could handle the situation once I calmed

Inbal gave me the tools to get out of this situation in the best possible way by
accompanying me throughout the investigation process and giving me advice whenever I
needed it, until a decision not to file charges was secured and the case was closed.
I don’t know what I would have done without her in that situation.
I am grateful for the way she handled the situation, her kindness, her professionalism, and
attention to detail.
Thank you so, so much!”

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