“About two years ago, I was working a student job at a big fast-food chain. During one
shift, a customer, disappointed with the service he had received, decided to express his
frustration by slamming my lunch firmly into my face, while holding his baby son (less
than one year old at the time). Instinctively and out of self-defense, I pushed the table
toward the guy, and after a mutual shouting exchange, he left.
About an hour after the incident, I filed a complaint with the Israeli police, as did the
client against me. An investigation ensued, and a cross-examination was conducted
between the two of us. Finally, the police prosecutor explained to me that a draft
indictment had been written against both of us, but there was a possibility of an “Heder
Mutne” according to which I had to confess to committing a criminal offence and pay a
hefty fine. At that point, and with the help of the chain I worked for, I hired the services
of attorney Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi. Inbal received me in her office, questioned me about
the case, asked about every detail, even the smallest subtleties, with the maximum
possible courtesy and respect.

Attorney Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi fought for me relentlessly, even when the
prosecution seemed to be unwilling to compromise on the outcome – a high fine along
with the stain of an admission to committing a crime, or going to trial. Attorney
Duchovni-Zeevi presented many compelling arguments (and even asked me to produce
my military service appreciation certificates), legal precedents from past years, and used
every legal option available to her to spare me the horrors of a trial.

After repeated discussions with the police, Attorney Duchovni-Zeevi was finally able
to schedule an appointment with the head of the National Division of Pretrial
Diversion Division. She spoke to the division head emphatically, yet resolutely. She told
him about me, a student and veteran, who had been dragged into the situation. In the end,
Attorney Duchovni-Zeevi was able to persuade the head of the division to drop the
charges completely.

I cannot put into words how happy and excited I was when Attorney Duchovni-Zeevi
saved me. As a student with limited resources, entering a criminal trial sounded like a
terrible nightmare, from which I was saved by the uncompromising professional service
of Attorney Inbal Duchovni-Zeevi. As someone who had never been familiar with the
world of police investigations and courts, I always heard about lawyers as cold persons
with vested interests, whose only desire was money. In this case, I can attest to Attoreny
Duchovni-Zeevi as a professional who treated me with great care and humanity, listened
to me, and did everything on my behalf to dismiss the charges. Therefore, I would like to
tell anyone who is in legal trouble that she is the lawyer you need. Without her, my story
might have ended differently.”

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